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Welcome to the enchanting world of KPop, where music and fan culture intertwine to create a vibrant community. Among the most iconic symbols of this spirited culture are KPop lightsticks, more than just accessories, they are a testament to the dedication and unity of fans worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned KPop enthusiast or new to the scene, lightsticks symbolize more than just fandom – they’re a way to actively participate in the communal experience that KPop offers. In this guide, we delve into the heart of KPop lightsticks, exploring their significance, history, and the unique features that make them a must-have for any KPop fan.

What Are KPop Lightsticks?

KPop lightsticks are more than mere gadgets; they are emblems of pride and solidarity among fans. These handheld devices, usually about 15-20cm long, not only illuminate but also glow with the identity of different fandoms. Each KPop group has its own stylized lightstick, a beacon for fans ranging from newcomers to the highly interactive, all eager to showcase their support.

Imagine a sea of lightsticks at a concert, each one a vibrant testament to its bearer’s allegiance. The design of these lightsticks often features the group’s logo and unique characteristics that distinguish them from others. At the core, they are portable devices that light up and glow, but their impact runs deeper. In a concert hall, they transform into a mesmerizing display of unity and excitement, synchronizing with the music and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Modern KPop lightsticks have evolved to include advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, enabling them to sync with a central control point at concerts. This synchronization is not just a technological marvel but also a symbol of the coordinated spirit of KPop fans.

Lightsticks can be likened to the nostalgic act of raising lighters in the air during concerts of yesteryears, but with a modern twist. In the era of online concerts, especially during times of global challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic, lightsticks have played a crucial role in bridging the gap between artists and fans. They serve as a physical representation of support and solidarity, glowing brightly in fans’ homes worldwide as they tune into live streams and virtual performances.

KPop lightsticks are more than just merchandise. They are a blend of beauty, technology, and community spirit, essential to the full KPop concert experience and a cherished part of fan identity​​​​.

The History of KPop Lightsticks

The journey of KPop lightsticks from simple fan accessories to intricate symbols of fandom is as fascinating as the genre itself. To truly appreciate the evolution of these iconic items, one must first understand the deep-rooted community spirit that defines KPop fandoms. For many enthusiasts, KPop transcends music; it’s a vibrant tapestry of idols, community, friendship, and a unique collective experience.

In the nascent days of KPop, particularly during the first generation in the 90s, lightsticks as we know them today were not prevalent. However, the concept of expressing fandom solidarity was very much alive. Fans would often don color-coded clothing, balloons, and other items to visually demonstrate their allegiance to specific groups. This color-coded system was the precursor to the lightsticks that would soon revolutionize fan expression.

The first generation of KPop fans laid the groundwork for what was to come. Their desire to visibly support their favorite idols led to the birth of lightsticks. BigBang, a name synonymous with KPop innovation, played a pivotal role in this evolution. They transformed the simple concept of a light on a stick into a must-have fan accessory. The introduction of the ‘Bang Bong,’ BigBang’s custom lightstick, marked a significant shift. Unlike the basic, single-color lightsticks of earlier years, the Bang Bong was designed to stand out. It was a declaration of fan identity, a way to shine amidst a sea of light at multi-group performances.

BigBang’s initiative set a new standard for lightsticks. They were no longer just functional items but became personalized emblems for each group. Today’s lightsticks boast advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, color-changing capabilities, and are even used as charging ports. These technological enhancements have made them integral to the live concert experience, syncing with performances to create stunning visual spectacles.

The transformation of lightsticks from simple tools to complex, personalized devices mirrors the evolution of KPop itself. While BigBang catalyzed the trend, it wasn’t until the second generation of KPop that lightsticks gained mainstream popularity. Nowadays, almost every KPop group has its own unique lightstick, a testament to their fanbase’s size and devotion. From being exclusive concert merchandise, lightsticks are now widely available online, allowing fans from all corners of the globe to partake in this colorful aspect of KPop culture​​​​.

Popular KPop Lightsticks

KPop lightsticks are as diverse and unique as the groups they represent. Each one is a blend of creativity, technology, and fan culture, symbolizing the identity and spirit of the respective KPop groups. Here’s a look at some of the most popular KPop lightsticks from various renowned groups:

BTS Lightstick (Army Bomb)

Undoubtedly one of the most recognized lightsticks, the BTS Army Bomb has evolved through various versions since its first release in 2015. The latest versions feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing synchronization at concerts, with enhanced light intensity and an opaque globe design​​.

Blackpink Lightstick

Released in 2018, Blackpink’s lightstick is unique with its black and pink colors and two pink hearts. The second version, released in 2020, introduced app connectivity and color-changing capabilities​​.

Stray Kids Lightstick (Nachimbong)

Launched in November 2019, this lightstick features a white handle and a red and silver compass design. It’s a product of creative collaboration between the group and a Korean design company​​.

TXT Lightstick

The TXT LightStick is a sleek and stylish fan merchandise designed for fans of the K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT). With its eye-catching design and vibrant LED lights, it enhances the concert experience by allowing fans to show their support and create a captivating atmosphere during TXT’s performances.

Red Velvet Lightstick

Featuring a minimalist design with the group’s initials and a pinkish dome, this lightstick released in July 2018, is Red Velvet’s first fan light and can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth​​.

EXO Lightstick

The EXO lightstick has undergone several design iterations since its initial release in October 2015, with the latest versions sporting a white handle and a silver hexagon featuring the group’s logo​​.

MONSTA X Lightstick (Mondoongie)

Released in May 2017, the Mondoongie has a black handle and a turquoise logo that changes colors when turned on. It also features Bluetooth connectivity​​.

ATEEZ Lightstick

The ATEEZ lightstick, released in July 2020, is known for its distinctive design featuring a globe encased in a diamond-shaped structure. It is primarily white with black and gold accents, symbolizing the group’s adventurous and elegant image. The lightstick offers various color settings and includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing synchronized lighting effects at concerts.

(G) I-DLE Lightstick

The (G)I-DLE lightstick, released in October 2020, showcases a unique and elegant design. It features a sleek black handle and a top part shaped like a queen’s crown, adorned in their signature colors of purple and silver. This lightstick includes color-changing capabilities and Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing the concert experience for fans with synchronized light shows.

Le Sserafim Lightstick

The LE SSERAFIM lightstick, which debuted in April 2022, is distinguished by its modern and elegant design. It features a unique shape with a soft, pastel-colored light and a sleek handle, reflecting the group’s aesthetic. This lightstick also incorporates color-changing features and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling interactive experiences during concerts and fan events.

Twice Lightstick (Candy Bong)

Twice has two versions of their lightstick, with the latest one featuring a black center and an ability to connect to the official Twice App for synchronization at concerts​​.

SHINee Lightstick

Twice has two versions of their lightstick, with the latest one featuring a black center and an ability to connect to the official Twice App for synchronization at concerts​​.

Aespa Lightstick

The aespa lightstick, released in January 2022, presents a futuristic and unique design, reflecting aespa’s innovative concept. It features a sleek, black and silver color scheme with a distinctive, butterfly-like top that glows in various colors. The lightstick is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for interactive features and synchronized light shows during concerts, enhancing the fan experience.

ENHYPEN Lightstick

The ENHYPEN lightstick, released in July 2021, boasts a modern and distinctive design. It features a unique shape with a white and silver color scheme and the group’s logo illuminated at the center. Equipped with color-changing capabilities and Bluetooth connectivity, the lightstick allows for synchronized light effects at concerts, creating an immersive experience for ENHYPEN fans.

IVE Lightstick

As of my last update in April 2023, IVE, the K-pop girl group, had not released an official lightstick. Lightsticks are a significant part of K-pop culture, serving as a symbol of fandom and used to show support during concerts. If IVE has released a lightstick after April 2023, I would recommend checking their official social media channels or fan forums for the most up-to-date information regarding its release date, design, and features.

Each of these lightsticks carries a story and an identity, making them more than just concert accessories. They are a tangible representation of the love and support that fans have for their favorite KPop groups.

Using and Displaying KPop Lightsticks

Once you have your coveted KPop lightstick, it’s essential to know how to use and display it properly, ensuring it serves as both a functional tool at concerts and a meaningful part of your KPop collection at home.

Using Your Lightstick at Concerts and Events:

  • Syncing with the Music: Many modern lightsticks come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing them to sync with the music and lighting at concerts. This feature enhances the concert experience by creating a visually stunning and coordinated light show.
  • Waving to the Beat: Lightsticks are not just for display; they’re meant to be actively used. Wave your lightstick in time with the music, especially during your favorite songs or key moments in the performance.
  • Signature Songs: Each KPop group has signature songs that hold special meaning for the fans and the artists alike. Hold your lightstick high during these songs to show your support and participate in the shared experience with fellow fans.

Displaying Your Lightstick:

  • Showcasing Your Fandom: When not in use, your lightstick can be a great addition to your KPop collection. Display it on a shelf, in a display case, or alongside other merchandise and memorabilia to showcase your love for the group.
  • Creating a Dedicated Space: Some fans create dedicated spaces or “KPop corners” in their homes where they display lightsticks, albums, photo cards, and other items. This not only makes for a great conversation piece but also celebrates your passion for KPop.
  • Protecting Your Lightstick: Ensure your lightstick is kept in a safe place where it’s protected from dust and damage. If it came with a box or a protective case, use it for storage when the lightstick is not on display.

Maintenance and Care:

  • Regularly check the functionality of your lightstick, especially if it has electronic components.
  • Replace batteries as needed and remove them if you’re not planning to use the lightstick for an extended period.
  • Clean the lightstick with a soft, dry cloth to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

Collecting Lightsticks:

  • For many KPop fans, collecting lightsticks from different groups becomes a hobby in itself. Each lightstick has its unique design and significance, making them collectible items.
  • Keep an eye out for limited edition releases, as these can be particularly valuable and sought after in the KPop community​​.

Using and displaying your KPop lightstick is a way to engage with your favorite music and artists actively. It’s a symbol of your participation in the KPop community, whether you’re cheering at a concert or showcasing your fandom at home​​.

Collecting KPop Lightsticks: Rare and Limited Edition Options

For dedicated KPop fans, collecting lightsticks extends beyond just owning a token from their favorite group. It involves seeking out rare and limited edition lightsticks, which are often released in limited quantities and can be challenging to find. Here are some insights into collecting these special editions:

  1. Limited Edition Releases: Many groups release special editions of their lightsticks, often to commemorate anniversaries, concerts, or new albums. These editions might feature unique designs, colors, or technological enhancements.
  2. Popular Collectibles: Some of the most sought-after lightsticks include BTS’s “Army Bomb” version 3, Blackpink’s “Bl-ping-bong,” and EXO’s “Pharynx.” These items often become collector’s treasures due to their rarity and significance.
  3. Staying Informed: Keep up with announcements from KPop groups and their labels for information on upcoming lightstick releases. Joining fan clubs and following official social media accounts can give you an edge in staying updated.
  4. Acting Fast: Due to their limited nature, these lightsticks can sell out quickly. Be prepared to act fast when a new release is announced to secure your piece.
  5. Authenticity Matters: Ensure that you’re purchasing from reputable sources to avoid counterfeit products, especially when seeking rare or limited edition items​​.


What was the first KPop lightstick?

The first KPop lightstick was launched by Big Bang, named the Bang Bong​​.

How do KPop lightsticks change color?

At concerts, lightsticks can be connected to a central control system, allowing them to change colors in sync with the performance​​.

Should I buy a KPop lightstick?

If you’re attending a concert or want to feel part of the fandom, a lightstick is a great way to show your support and enhance your experience​​.

How much do KPop lightsticks cost?

The cost can vary, typically ranging from $30 to $150, with some limited edition lightsticks costing more​​.


KPop lightsticks are more than just accessories; they are an integral part of the KPop experience. They symbolize the unity and passion of fans worldwide, enhancing live performances and serving as cherished collectibles. Whether you’re waving one at a concert or displaying it in your home, a KPop lightstick is a tangible connection to the vibrant world of Korean pop music and its thriving community. Embracing this aspect of KPop culture not only enriches your experience as a fan but also connects you to a global network of like-minded individuals who share your passion.

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